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Max ID NY llc: Sloth by Maximilian Michael Eicke.

All of the designs are created in house by Maximilian who still prototypes every piece before it becomes part of a new collection. Having procured manufacturers who are able to produce at the highest standards has made it easy for Max ID NY to fit into the niche market that is high end furniture design.

Throughout his life Maximilian has gained a vast array of knowledge and experience that has helped him build such a strong foundation for a unique design brand.

Having graduated from Griffith College Dublin in 2009 with his undergraduate degree in Design and having been awarded with the "Academic Achievement Award for Graduating Class of 2009." Maximilian immediately set out to start up his own furniture design company. Thanks to a long list of internships with Architectural Firms in the Hampton`s, New York. Los Angeles, California. and Düsseldorf, Germany. As well as a life changing metal apprenticeship with Polenz in Germany, Maximilian has gained a vast array of knowledge and experience that has played an integral part in creating such a strong design philosophy.

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